Dear Potential Sponsor/Exhibitor,

The FRM is planning for November 17-20, 2016 an international conference in New York City, under the heading

2016 Foundation for Reproductive Medicine Translational Reproductive Biology and Clinical Reproductive Endocrinology: Paradigm changes you may not hear about elsewhere!

The principal purpose of the conference, - hopefully to become an annual event, - is to present the most comprehensive and objective state-of-the-art annual update for obstetrician-gynecologists, reproductive biologists and clinical reproductive endocrinologists on translational cutting edge issues in reproductive biology and medicine.

The Conference addresses basic science and clinical issues of relevance equally. If topics are still subject of controversy, to maintain objectivity, the audience will in various formats be exposed to opposing view points. As a uniquely new feature, all lecturers will be made available one-on-one to interested audience members right outside the lecture hall in a “speakers’ circle” (which is open to sponsorship) following their presentations.

The program well demonstrates the breath of important topics that will be covered by the Conference and 4 preceding workshops. The worldwide faculty of leading researchers we have been able to recruit, offers testimony to efforts of the Program Chairs and the Organizing Committee of the Congress to turn this Conference into a unique event for a worldwide audience.

Scheduling the Conference in New York City for the pre-Holiday season, we feel, will be further enticement to attend for a national and international audience since this time period is the most popular of the year for tourists to come to the city. Though in this time period it is usually almost impossible to secure conference space and rooms at affordable costs, we succeeded in establishing a, hopefully long-term, partnership with the Grand Hyatt Hotel, one of the premiere Congress venues in the city, which not only guarantees us excellent conference space, including a large exhibition and poster presentation area, but also offers participants (including exhibitors) significantly reduced room rates.

Like all such efforts, expenses will, nevertheless, be considerable. We, therefore, are writing to you asking for support from your company for this event as either a sponsor and/or exhibitor or just a donor to the FRM. We are offering the following support options:

  1. SPONSORSHIPS: We welcome sponsorship at DIAMOND, PLATINUM, GOLD and SILVER levels

  1. RENTAL OF EXHIBITION SPACE: We offer a limited amount of exhibition space directly outside of the main lecture hall, where also poster boards will be located and coffee breaks will be served

  1. EVENT SPONSORSHIPS: These sponsorships include naming rights for events or areas, special awards. etc.

  1. DONOR TO THE FRM: We welcome all donations to the FRM which are tax-deductible according to the law

We hope that your company will consider helping us in establishing a new annual tradition in New York City by participating in this Conference. As a not-for-profit research foundation, The FRM offers various options of participation, while remaining in full compliance with the FDA’s position on commercial support of scientific and educational programs as non- promotional. In addition, all contributions to the FRM are fully tax deductible in accordance with the law.

If you are interested in further exploring your participation as a sponsor and/or exhibitor, please contact us as soon as possible by e-mailing to the Conference Secretariat at or by calling the administrative offices of The FRM at 212.933.5700.


The Conference Chairs

David F. Albertini. PhD

Ali H. Brivanlou, PhD, MD
Norbert Gleicher, MD

Zeev Shoham, MD